Weird But True Facts About Technology

Technology is growing, and all we can do is to marvel at some of the absurdities that we have created. Technology can be quite weird if you look into it and we have some of the weirdest facts which can be quite shocking to you.

Changing fonts to save printer ink

People create different fonts to help with different kinds of reasons to help convey a message, decode, embellish, etc. The main theory for this is that using less ink on the page will help you in saving a lot. This is one fact which applies to the business where printing is involved, but when it comes to home uses, one can see no benefit.

Email existed even before the world wide web


This is one of those facts that is hard to believe, but it is true. There was a time where emails were sent even before the world wide web. You can also look into youtube where you will be exposed to a lot of channels which show how they used to send emails way back in 1984. There has been a lot of improvement since then.

QWERTY was designed to slow you down

This is another theory which will allow one to have a manual approach to typewriters. This is something which will allow you to have the right words when typing. QWERTY started by placing the common letters in the corner, which will slow the typist down. But, later the Dvorak layout came in, and you can easily change your language setting or buy a Dvorak keyboard.

92% of the world currency is digital

Most of us earn money with the help of transactions, goods and services, but most of which is only digital. It is estimated that 8% of current global money os physical. There are many black money piles which come from 8%, and this is a fair estimate that the economists agree upon. This is a low percentage which can be absurd, and the transactions are done electronically. Banks also store electronically and can include all kinds of transactions which can be done credits/debit cards and wire transfer.

Domain names were free till 1995


Back then, people used to not know what the computer is capable of, and this gave people a huge opportunity to have all kinds of domain names. Then in 1995, the company called network solutions was granted rights to charge people for a domain, and they rated it at higher prices. This fee was later revised in the year 1997, where the price was brought bow by 30%.

5MB of data weighed a ton

Today we have sturdy drives to store data, but back then, it was difficult to store data as it was stored in magnetic disks which used to access and write. It was considered a massive leap in the technology where everything was punched into the cards and stored in the magnetic tape which needed to be controlled. RAMAC was a cabinet which easily consisted of 1000kg which used to store 5MB of data in a huge aluminium disk.