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Top 7 Healthy foods for weight loss

If you’re one among the millions of people who have signed up for a weight loss journey, then we feel you, because with so many options out there it can be intimidating to choose the right kind of foods that help you satisfy your cravings, protein and carbohydrate needs. W have jotted down top 7 healthy food that both meet your mid-week cravings as well as responsible for a balanced diet. Check them out!

Broccoli omelette with toast

It is a straightforward breakfast recipe that can be prepared in under 15 minutes, which will not only satisfy your daily carb intake but also keeps you satiated until lunchtime. Broccoli, high in fibre content with eggs that is high in protein is a perfect combination to start your day.

Green tea smoothie

Green tea smoothie

If you’re trying to lose those inches on your waistline, then the benefits of green tea is not alien to you. It contains high antioxidants that are beneficial to boost your metabolism. Sipping on this spiced green tea smoothie is a perfect alternative for breakfast when you’re running late to work. Spiced with cinnamon, cayenne peppers, lemon and agave, it is not only yummy but also refreshing.

Chocolate dipped banana bites.

It is no brainer that when you’re trying to lose weight, you definitely cut down on your sugar intake, that’s when your sugar cravings hit you. Good news is you do not have to avoid taking sugar. You just need to replace it with the right alternative like chocolate dipped in banana. It will be better if you opt for dark chocolate rather than the regular ones as they’re a healthier option.

BBQ Turkey burgers

BBQ Turkey burgers

Turkey is an excellent source of lean protein, and one serving can satisfy your daily protein intake. Replacing the regular buns with wheat buns, with turkey filled with barbeque sauce is the best lunch option when you’re cutting calories.

Rice salad

When we talk about burning fat and increasing muscles, rice always outshines chickpeas. It is a great salad option for the vegetarians who crave for multivitamins and nutrients. This salad is a great option to fill you up without weighing you down.

Avocado cups

Fat should definitely be avoided during weight loss, but healthy fats are always welcomed inside the body. Avocado being creamy, is an excellent source of healthy fats. With creamy fillings and nuts inside the cup, which complements right with the creaminess of avocados, it is a great snacking option between your mid-day working hours.

Dark chocolate and oat clusters

Dark chocolate and oat clusters

Another one for that sweet tooth’s. Oatmeal is high in fibre and starch, and dark chocolate is high in healthy fats and sugar. Hence, it is a great snacking option during your evening beverages that can not only curb your cravings for chocolate but also keep you on track without a sense of guilt. You can even elevate the taste by adding a tablespoon or two of peanut butter to it and enjoy.